Ever since I got my MacBook I’ve been running Parallels on it. I have been more then impressed and pleased while using this piece of software.

It has allowed me to run Mac OS X, Windows XP Pro, and Ubuntu Linux side-by-side without really making any performance issues within each operating system environment. It works nicely with USB peripherals and more importantly with my wireless internet both at home and work.

Setting up Windows and Linux was a snap and very easy to do. The ability to copy and paste files from Windows to OS X was really neat too and allowed me to be much more productive.

I know a lot of people like to use Boot Camp because you can utilize your computers hardware to its best (it’s not sharing between the multiple operating systems). For me that sounds really cool, but I would much rather be able to work in each environment at the same time rather then having to reboot into each one when needed. If you haven’t tried Parallels out, I would really recommend trying it out and if you love it like I do, buy it! If I could give out ‘Best Software of the Year’ awards, Parallels would get it.

You can download a trial or buy Parallels.

EDIT: At the same moment, Ed and I hit Publish on our Parallels posts at the exact same second!


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