One of the new features that comes with all new MacBooks and MacBook Pros is the ability to use your fingers to scroll. This is really nice when you’re looking at a website or writing a long document. You can place your two fingers on the trackpad and move them up or down or even side-to-side.

Since my PowerBook G4 and iBook G4 didn’t have that feature I got used to clicking on the scrollbars and pulling down. While I’ll admit to still doing that, and probably more often then using the scrolling trackpad, I still really like the scrolling trackpad. It’s going to take me some time to make it a habit to use, but I know it will happen!

I’ve even heard people who swear by the scrolling trackpad and absolutely love it. Leave it up to Apple to come up with these really cool features that make working in the OS X environment so much easier.


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