One of my other favorite web browsers besides Mozilla FireFox is Camino. Oddly enough, Mozilla also makes this web browser! You might be a little confused as to why Mozilla is making 2 different web browsers, well they actually make three! Mozilla, Mozilla FireFox AND Camino! Each browser has its up and downs and by making multiple versions I am more then sure every type of web browsing person can find one of these that meets their web browsing needs! Of course I won’t get too off topic, I leave that for another blog article.

Camino is a Mac-only web browser. It is much like Mozilla FireFox but it is MUCH more slimmed down. It doesn’t include Extensions and Themes like FireFox does, but it come with a really nice looking interface that matches that of OS X. That’s something that’s always annoyed me about FireFox, it just looks kinda ugly in OS X, but I guess that why FireFox support skins/themes.

Camino is quite fast and it works on both Intel and PowerPC machines. Like FireFox it supports blocking pop-ups and it has tabbed browsing.

Issues that were fixed in the new version are –
– Fixed several critical security issues, including those fixed in version of the Mozilla Gecko rendering engine.
– Fixed an issue in Camino 1.0.1 where proxy auto-config (PAC) files were ignored.
РFixed an issue where Camino’s bookmark metadata could not be added to the list of locations Spotlight is prevented from searching.
– Fixed an issue where using Camino on a network with many Bonjour hosts could significantly degrade performance.
– Many more enhancements.

Camino is an open source project and it’s 100% free. I would highly suggest this to someone who needs a simple browser with great features, but no bloat. Camino!


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