Reading online, I’ve noticed many new articles comparing the virtues of various Macintosh web browsers. For example, I noticed a great article over at The Apple Blog comparing most of the major browsers. Click here to read it. There’s a nice summery for Shiira, which we’ll be reviewing in a future blog post, after we have a little more experience with it. Check out Shiira by clicking here.

Among Mac users, Safari is still supreme. There are more and more themes, plug-ins, and upgrades available for Safari every week. Check out the dubiously named “Pimp My Safari” by clicking here. Check out 5 Thirty One’s post about outfitting Safariby clicking here.

On the PC side, old browsers are being updated (Internet Explorer, for the first time since 2001), Opera, and of course, Firefox, which seems to be updated weekly. Firefox 2 is approaching beta.

I use Safari 95% of the time. When I’m not using Safari, I used Firefox. I like Camino, but for some reason I just never use it. What is everyone out there using?


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