When I purchased my MacBook in May, I also replaced my old Epson printer with the Epson Stylus CX4800. The printer is great, and I am really happy with my purchase. But, there was some time when I first bought it that I couldn’t use it with my computer. Why? Because the drivers that came with the printer weren’t for use with Intel macs. Bummer. So I spent plenty of time on the Epson website and on the phone with their customer service, and they had me resetting things and re-installing things, and it was really quite frustrating. All that, and in the end, of course, it was something really quite simple. What I finally figured out was you have to download 2 drivers in order for the computer to recognize the printer.

So for anybody who may be having this problem, this is what worked for me: On Epson’s website, there is a Drivers and Support page. After I chose which product I was looking for drivers for, I clicked Macintosh under Drivers & Downloads. I had to download both TWAIN Driver and EPSON Scan Utility v2.77A as well as Printer Driver v3.0aAs. Before, I was only downloading the second of the two, not knowing I had to download the Scan driver too. But once I downloaded both, I went through the computer to set up the printer and it worked just fine. Now I have no problem just plugging in the printer and clicking Print.


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