Allen here from the Small Dog showroom. I’ve been using a great little piece of software from a company called Objectpark for the last new months. This application, appropriately titled “MenuCalendarClock,” replaces your OS X menu bar clock with an integrated clock and iCal-synced drop-down monthly calendar. The layout of the calendar itself is simple and reminds me of the little pop-up calendars you see when you click on the date field at an airline or hotel website.

The basic features of MenuCalendarClock are free, but after optionally registering the software you can add additional features, including another drop-down section showing you all your events for any given day or month. Clicking on a specific date or month on the drop-down calendar will even jump you to that day in iCal!

Most of the features can be customized in a preferences panel and the drop-down window even has variable formats, fonts and colors. Overall, MenuCalendarClock is a quick and simple way to check a date or event without launching iCal.

Visit the developers site here or checkout the developers product page with more information and a download link here.


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