We all know that Steve Jobs will preview Leopard at the WWDC in San Francisco on August 7th. What we don’t know is when Leopard will actually be released. Speculation ranges from September (when Jaguar was released,) to January, as many people anticipate, or possibly even at the WWDC.

For Mac OS X Server users, the impending release of a new Mac OS means it’s time to consider the Apple Maintenance Program, which enables users to subscribe to software upgrades, instead of purchasing them every single time they are released. This can save a lot of money over time.

The Apple Maintenance Program is a three-year, non-cancelable agreement that entitles OS X Server users to receive every major upgrade release to Mac OS X Server. The Maintenance Program is designed to protect your software investment and reduce your total cost of ownership. Also, the one-time fee simplifies budget management, reduces administrative overhead, and puts a lid on IT maintenance and software distribution costs. Upgrades are shipped automatically, so all of computers can be standardized with the latest server software. And the more servers you’ve licensed, the more you’ll save.


* Your subscription covers three years of major software releases.
* Upgrades are shipped automatically.
* Organizations are easily standardized with the latest technology.
* Administrative overhead is reduced.
* Software distribution costs are minimized.
* The more users, the greater savings are achieved.
* Time is saved with one easy payment.
* IT maintenance costs are reduced, and updates are easy to obtain, deploy, and manage.
* Total cost of ownership is reduced.

To read more or purchase the Mac OS X Server Unlimited 3 Year Maintenance plan for a single server, for $999.00, click here.

To purchase the Mac OS X Server 10-Client 3 Year Maintenance, click here.

Licenses for 10 or more servers are also available. If interested, please email rob@smalldog.com or call him at 1-802-496-7171 ext 620.


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