The first week of a new job is daunting. Everything is new. New people. New desk. New commute. New language. New roles and responsibilities. New computer. New smells and sounds. Toss in the fact that this very same week I have moved to a new state, bought a new house (thus I am newly poor), have new cable, electric, internet, water softener, and phone companies AND I need to buy a new (used) car. What does this all add up to?

Wow . . . (take a deep breath Geoff) . . . WOW!!

I have not been this intimidated since walking into my first dance in 7th grade with new braces and a face doused with Oxy 10. I made it through that night though and rest assured I think everything is under control and I will make it through this first week in one piece.

So why VT?

After 7+ years in the marketing department of an international beer manufacturer with stints in both the US and the UK, my wife and I decided we wanted to step back a bit and take some time off. I am not a big corporate guy and I found myself getting sucked into the templates and politics of the big corporate world. So my wife and I decided to take our two little girls (3 and 18 mos) to New Zealand for 4 months and figure out our next move. (as an aside – New Zealand is the most incredible country I have ever been. The people, the scenery, the pace of life are all top notch. If you ever are fortunate enough to go you will never want to leave). Where we netted out was that we wanted to live in a place where you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and raise our children with the peace of mind that they will be safe, well educated and appreciate nature. Basically – how could we duplicate our lives in New Zealand every day back in the States? Being from the Northeast what better place to settle than VT (besides it is still Red Sox and Patriots country!)

So why Small Dog Electronics?

Where do I begin?

Was it that Small Dog is a member of the Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility and they give thousands every year to worthy charities? Was it that the key product line (all things Apple) is a marketers dream as I have never seen such consumer passion for IPOD’s and IBooks than in any other category? Was it that when I spoke with friends and family who had heard of Small Dog they commented on the fact they received the best customer service they could imagine? Was it that as a dog lover I get to play with no fewer than 10 dogs on a daily basis in the office? OR was it the fact that I got a job offer despite not shaving a 9 month long goatee (in protest to the corporate world and despite protests from my wife and mother)?

Well it was all above and more. I love the idea of working for a small business who cares about the customer and believes in the product they are selling. There is an entrepreneurial spirit here that is felt from the warehouse to the showroom and all places in between.

So far so good . . . . While I am certainly the new kid on the block and need to learn an office language far different than ‘barley, malt and hops’, my first impressions are great ones and I cannot wait until I feel settled and am cruising along.

If you ever want to chat about New Zealand, beer, the Red Sox, or the perils of a new job please do not hesitate to give me a shout.


Geoff Blanck
The new marketing and sales guy


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