From Art Hendrickson

As a phone rep for our technical service and repair team, I take a ton of phone calls pertaining to Apple’s iPods.

In almost all cases, I have to request that the person tries restoring the iPod using the iPod Updater Utility, which is essentially erasing the iPod, and starting over.

This is especially true for customers who have purchased an iPod and who own a computer running the Windows platform.

The iPods are all packaged and represented as cross platform at this point. As long as it is formatted properly they will work with PC’s or Macs.

It has been my experience that the iPods come from Apple formatted for Mac users. People with PC’s need to take the extra step of running the restore function of this utility.

In this blog submission, I am including the link to the Apple iPod Updater Utility for all to see;

There are two versions of this free iPod Updater utility, one for Mac OS and one for Windows OS.

After the download is complete, one must install the utility onto the hard drive (if it doesn’t run a script to decompress and install it automatically), and then it’s ready to restore the iPod.

Launch the utility, and then connect the iPod. If it is recognized in a moment or two, then run the Restore function.

It will erase the iPod and install the latest version of the iPod boot software that your iPod can handle.

When finished, you can quit the iPod Updater Utility, and reload the music from your iTunes library.

It’s a snap!

Feel free to email me with any questions.


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