Think all Mac enthusiasts are pencil-necked nerds? Well, last weekend, our own Hapy Mayer won first place in his age and weight division at the Full Power Iron Meet in Berlin. He competes in the 100% RAW Powerlifting category – this means he didn’t use any special lifting equipment, straps, or other gear to assist in the lifting. The meet consists of three lifts, the squat, bench press, and dead lift, and it’s the best lift that counts.

His total weight lifted was 1006.5lb (457.5 kg.) The national record for his weight/age class is 1625lb (738kg,) so he has a way to go.

His performance breaks down as:

Squat 175kg (385lb)
Bench Press 85kg (187lb)
Deadlift 197.5kg (434.5lb)

You can read more about raw powerlifting by

clicking here.

While Hapy the Hulk is working hard to destroy the myth of the computer nerd, I am working hard to maintain it. I noticed that a couple of muscles were developing in my arms, so I had to take the weekend off, and customize my OS X desktop.


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