I would have continued on as I was, a dedicated cat person. Used to their combined aloofness and occasional demands for attention. Then in early March of this year, I found myself a the companion of a seven year old pomeranian that Ed (then in sales) named Magdelina which I shortened to Maggie.

If there is a happier dog on the face of the earth, I haven’t met her yet. Although, Fantail Shrimp comes close. Morgan (our super tech) laughs at how if she were any happier, she would just wiggle herself out of her skin. She smiles and dances and just loves coming to work. Mark (our accountant) is one of her favorite coworkers. She also seems to have a particular fondness for Rob Amon’s toes and Artie gets a personal greeting whenever he comes in the office.

She loves attention but isn’t a pest about it, she loves being brushed and playing “where is your toy” which is usually a rawhide bone that she throws around and barks at. She makes me laugh and you can’t help but smile back at her when she looks up at you. Someone obviously worked with her on training as she has wonderful manners and does not beg for food. Well, she might check and see if you will give her a taste, but if not, she will just lay nearby.

She loves to go for rides but is finally accepting that sometimes she can’t go with me and that, yes, I will be coming back to her. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my cats, but my Maggie fills a bigger place in my life. I didn’t realize how empty my home was until she moved in. Sometimes I have to wonder who really “rescued” whom.


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