Small Dog Electronics is proud to offer RAM that works in the new Mac Pro tower systems. The modules we carry sell with a lifetime warranty and have been tested in the new Mac Pro systems. We have already had many inquiries about the form in which these modules are being produced.

According to the owner of the company from which we buy our RAM:

“The Mac Pro memory we are currently shipping does not have the same heat sink on them as Apple. However they do have what is called a heat spreader. These are Intel approved and have the same Lifetime guarantee as all our memory.”

We stand behind the RAM we sell and want to assure you that if any problems develop during use of the computer with our modules installed, and it is diagnosed as being a RAM issue, we will replace them for free. No questions asked.

We sell 512mb, 1gb, and 2gb modules.

Here is the link to the modules on our site:

click here for the FB-DIMM 667MHz DDR2 512mb

click here for the FB-DIMM 667MHz DDR2 1 GB

click here for the FB-DIMM 667MHz DDR2 2GB

Get ‘em while they’re hot!



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