By Art Hendrickson

At some point in American culture, it was determined that appearing as a geek or as “geeky”, was a negative thing. Almost deplorable if you wanted to be one of the cool cats.

Everyone now knows that society has progressed to the point where many people have access to technology. It’s become so much easier to use, too!

Now if you’re one of those cool cats who’s ready to go to the dogs, then you need to surf to Take an extensive tour of the online training tools that Apple has to offer.

Geek out on the Mac 101 lession even if you think you know all the tricks of the OS.

Geek out to the lesson on switching from a PC to a Mac if you want some more subtle tips. It’s the PC users guide to getting the most out of your Mac. I have been using Macs since 1987 and am still learning more nuances of its potential.

If you are a consumer that purchased a new iMac recently, or have had one for a long time, then geek out to this specific section for you. It explains memory upgrade options and how to to install. Ports are identified and explained, wireless technology capabilities explained for your model, as well as many other helpful topics related to use and operation of the iMac.

I especially like the section on the iMac G3’s It has every Firmware Update and OS Update you could possibly need. iMac manuals and specifications for the many CRT iMacs that were manufactured. A treasure trove of information!

This dog hears the many mouse clicks of all the cool cats surfing to these Geek Out support links now……….


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