If you are anything like me you rely on a calendar to tell you where to be and when. There is so much going on in a given work day that I think I would miss 90% of my meetings if it were not for ICal. Further if it were not for ICal Alarm I would happen to only see I had a meeting come up if I was coincidentally looking at ICal 5 minutes before the meeting. ICal alarm is great – gives a little ‘ding’ as well as a pop up telling me I have 15 minutes until my meeting and the pop up will not go away until I tell it to. Makes it difficult to be late let alone miss a meeting.

So why am I telling you this? Well when you put in a meeting on ICal you have to remember to engage the alarm function – each and every time. Inevitably I do not remember to do this all the time and I then miss a meeting or show up late. Not good – especially when it is my meeting. Within iCal there is no way to have it default to engaging the alarm for every appointment . . . until now!

Go to and download iCalFix0.5.

So from this moment forward I have no excuse . . . .



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