The version of Preview bundled in Tiger (OS 10.4) has a handy slide-show feature, which I had forgotten about until I was trying to read a long, multipage ebook last night. If you’ve not used this feature before, it’s pretty cool. You can activate this feature by browsing to View > Slideshow, or press Command-shift-F.

Once the slideshow is launched, you can zoom in on images, add them to iPhoto, and easily browse back and forth. You can use the left- and right-arrow keys to move backward and forward through the PDF. You can do this with any image type, such as PDF, JPEG, etc that Preview can handle.

This is yet another cool, useful feature built into OS 10.4 that many people (including Apple Product Professionals) don’t know about. I wonder what else is hidden in 10.4… and what will be hidden in 10.5?


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