Anyone whose had a dog has probably experienced their dog playing with their socks. Some may have even experienced the dog EATING socks—that’s something my male dog, Apollo, did for the first 3 years of his life.

I’ve never been one to wear socks with designs on them. However I recently stumbled across a Vermont company that designs novelty socks, and they have plethora of dog designs! I discovered them one day when I was in dire need of socks – on a cold damp September day and I was sockless. Brrrrr! It may have been that combination that made me willing to buy this type of sock, but I was also very impressed with the quality of the sock as well the design.

Wheel House Designs in Stowe, Vermont has been designing novelty socks and apparel since 1989. According to their website, their

“cushioned socks are soft terry loop construction, which protects feet and reduces the shock of impact. They are engineered to provide protection against blisters and wicks away moisture to keep feet dry. Acrylic, the most widely used fiber for athletic socks is soft, washes well and holds its shape. Cotton is widely preferred for softness. Nylon is used for strength and spandex is great for stretching power. This style of socks makes a great sneaker sock. Perfect for hiking boots too.”

I picked up the Dog House Black and Rhodesian Ridgeback designs. I am extremely impressed with how soft and cushioned they feel, especially for a sock without a lot of bulk. I’m also impressed I can easily wear my Nike sandals with them. Other regular cotton socks surprisingly have too much bulk and I can’t get the sandals on.

My Wheel House socks have quickly become my favorites socks to wear! I highly recommend visiting their website —— to check out what designs they have, and they have a LOT! (not just dog designs either!)

For all Vermonters, Wheel House is having a sock sale on December 1, 2, 3 at their warehouse in Hyde Park. It’s a big sale with lots of savings on discontinued designs, samples and irregulars.

I’m also happy to say that Apollo hasn’t shown any interest in eatting my new socks. I think it’s his way of saying, ‘These socks are too good to eat!’


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