Several companies make cables with a 1/8” jack on one end, and RCA jacks on the the other end for connecting an iPod video or iPod photo (color LCD) to a television or stereo.

RCA jacks are the common cables with red and white plugs (for left and right stereo audio), and a yellow plug (for composite video.)

Apple, Belkin, and Marware manufacturer and sell these cables, typically for $19.00 – $29.00.

My favorite of the bunch is made by Belkin. It’s very well built, and extremely easy to use – simply plug the 1/8” jack into the iPod video or iPod photo’s headphone port, or the line-out port on the iPod’s dock. Then connect the RCA plugs to your television or stereo. Within seconds, you can be watching video or a photo slideshow from the iPod on your television. Note that the iPod photo (4g) will only play photos and photo slideshows on the tv.

The show “Lost” begins it’s third season tomorrow. It’s one of my favorite TV shows currently in production. It’s also the only TV show I occasionally purchase from the iTunes Store. I don’t watch it on my iPod’s screen – I watch it on TV, via the Belkin AV cable. I have a friend who also loves “Lost,” but he lives in a rather remote part of VT where he does not receive the show. He bought the iTunes “Season Pass” for Lost, and used to watch it on his 17” PowerBook. Now, with his iPod video and the Belkin AV cable, he watches it on his big television. The iPod video and the iTunes store serve as a portable, multi-purpose Tivo-like device for him.

You can use the Belkin cable, or a similar cable, to watch movies stored on the iPod on your TV as well. This includes movies you purchase from the iTunes Store, or other iPod-compatible movies you have created, downloaded, or obtained.

See the Belkin cable here:

See Apple’s version here:


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