MacBook Issues & Solutions

MacBooks seem to have two common defects: the widely publicized “Random Shutdown Syndrome”, and a failure to boot accompanied by crazy noises from the optical drive. The Random Shutdown Syndrome is related to a poorly engineered heatsink, and Apple now offers service providers a re-engineered heatsink to fix the problem.

The other issue is related to improperly seated and/or defective Apple RAM. Immediately after pressing the power button, the status LED comes on and stays on, and the optical drive makes eject noises over and over. The screen never lights up and the LED never turns off. If you’ve just bought a MacBook and have this problem, check your RAM before going through the return process. Reseat each chip and try again. If it doesn’t help, remove a chip and try again to narrow the cause down.

Instructions for self-installation of RAM in MacBooks can be found here:



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