In processing iPod returns, many times the problem is simply a fully depleted battery. Customers report that the iPod does not respond when plugged into a wall charger or the computer, but instead displays a battery icon with one bar that does not flash. In most cases, leaving the iPod to charge for 30-60 minutes will revive it. If this doesn’t help, though, Apple outlines five steps to take (the five Rs):

1. Reset your iPod.
2. Retry with a different USB port.
3. Restart your computer.
4. Reinstall iPod and iTunes software.
5. Restore you iPod.

While we’re talking about batteries, it never hurts to emphasize calibration. After using your battery for a while, it’s possible you’ll notice reduced capacity. Calibration restores the battery to its full functionality. For iBooks, PowerBook G4, and iPod, plug the machine in and wait for it to fully charge. On laptops, wait for the ring on the power adapter to turn green; on iPods, wait until the screen indicates “Charged.” Now, disconnect the battery and run your computer or iPod until it goes to sleep. Finally, plug it back in and fully charge again.

The procedure is slightly different for the very last generation PowerBook G4 (with the dual-layer SuperDrive and high-res screen), MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Pro (17-inch). First, fully charge the machine. Once fully charged, allow the battery to “rest” for at least two hours, then disconnect the power and run it until the machine goes to sleep. Turn the computer off, or let it sleep, for at least five hours, then fully recharge.

Along these lines, iPod batteries tend not to last as long as laptop batteries. If your iPod is more than a year old, Apple will not cover replacement of the battery…but Small Dog can help. You can order replacement batteries for every kind of iPod for self-installation (we’ll send you instructions and an envelope to send us the old battery for proper disposal) or mail your iPod to us for professional installation.

Apple’s battery calibration page:
The Five Rs:



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