I love having a Quicktime Pro license – I use Quicktime to import, edit, and export multimedia files at least a couple times a week. Quicktime Pro is well worth the $30 upgrade price.

However, I recently had to give a full-screen presentation on a Mac that didn’t have Quicktime Pro license. Without the $30 license, it’s not possible to run Quicktime in full screen mode – until I remembered that any iTunes-compatible video can now be played back in full-screen mode from iTunes 7.

Simply drag the video into iTunes 7, push play, click on the mini-video playing in the lower left side of iTunes, and then click on the full screen expander in iTunes translucent control bar. Full screen video, for free.

An alternative can be found on Mac-world’s excellent Mac 911 page. Chris Breen has a tip called “Full screen for free,” and it details exactly how to easily make Quicktime Player play back video is full-screen mode, without the Quicktime Pro license.

See it here:


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