Well, it’s official. The opening of Small Dog Electronics’ new flagship retail store is a huge success. Not to sound too conceited, but we kind of knew it was a go weeks before we opened the doors. While the Small Doggers were hard at work pounding nails and painting walls, the number of people stopping in to cheer us on was as big a boost as the Red Bull on tap to help make the grand opening deadline.

Since the pizzazz of opening day last Saturday, punctuated by politicians (go Bernie!), Pomeranians and a steady stream of the populous, perusing and purchasing the Apple-rich product line, we’ve hardly had a minute to think – in or outside of the box.

On the web, Small Dog’s been known for its unswerving devotion to its customers, to the canines and good causes the company supports, as well as the service and knowledge that makes Small Dog New England’s number one Apple Specialist. The trick is in making the leap to retail, to have those elements hold true. Working with our customers and making sure they are happy and satisfied with what we consider to be the best products on the planet is what our business is all about. And when you talk to anyone who works at the new store, you’ll find a staff of smart, knowledgeable people who seem to get it right away – they love Small Dog’s philosophy as much as they love Macs.

So Small Dog’s taken a very big bite out of the New England market. Its prime location in South Burlington (a mile from downtown Burlington and smack dab in the middle of the busiest retail location in the state) makes it easy to find whether you’re heading south from Montreal, crossing Lake Champlain from New York State, or just ambling down the hill from the University of Vermont. The one surprising thing to me the random demographic study I conducted on opening day. I expected we’d be flooded with students from the aforementioned UVM as well as the other area colleges. Instead, it was a really mixed age group, with a lot more plus-forty folks then I’d ever imagined. Obviously, the back-to-the-land hippies from the sixties became Mac users in the eighties…and then some.

Okay, I know this is sounding too much like a snow job but being a new Small Dog on the block, I can say with all honesty that I’ve been totally wowed by everyone I’ve met through this store opening experience. And as a PC Switcher, I’m psyched to get into this Brave New World (although it’s really not new but then again, neither am I) and leave my PC forever.


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