This morning I was on my way to work, driving toward Hinesburg village, planning on voting at the town hall along the way. As I pulled into the village on the main road, I ran into a long lineup of traffic backed up from the town hall. As we all crept along the main road, getting closer and closer to our opportunity to voice our opinions without fear, I saw something that made me feel great about living here in the US, and in Vermont in particular – vehicles on the main road, with no stop light, were slowing and stopping to let traffic enter from a side road that had a 3/4 mile line up. Sometimes cars would alternate, one from the main road, one from the side road, sometimes a driver on the main road would stop completely and let 4 or 5 cars pull onto the main road. It was a small act, but it gave me a great feeling, when I got up to the intersection and had the chance to yield and let a group of cars out. Especially when I could imagine them on their way to voice their own opinions on who should lead our communities at this strange time in American history.

On election day, why don’t we all stop charging ahead, pushing ourselves and our opinions and let someone in to the line. And then step forward and place our own vote.



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