UPDATE: Find our Thom Hartmann Podcast Page here. It is now updated with both the iTunes Podcast and the direct KPOJ Podcast. Thanks for listening!

Small Dog Electronics is a supporter of the Thom Hartmann show. A listener named Judith S. suggested we remind people it’s possible to download more than music on the iPod – the Thom Hartmann show and other talk programs also can be loaded on them. We’re making a radio ad from this suggestion. Thank you for the suggestion, Judith!

Since your iPod can go with you everywhere, so can your digital audio files, including music, audiobooks, podcasts, and other audio from the internet, such as the Thom Hartmann show.

Here are some tips to get Thom’s show, and other great talk shows and podcasts onto your iPod. Now you can have access to the information and news that’s important to you, wherever you go, and whatever you’re doing!

A “podcast” is a syndicated audio or video program that is distributed over the internet, usually for free. Podcasts are great because you can subscribe to them – whenever a new program is released, it can automatically be downloaded directly to your computer. By far the easiest way to subscribe to a podcast, manage it, and load it on an iPod is by using Apple’s iTunes software. You can get the latest version of iTunes for free by clicking here. iTunes also comes with every iPod.

Here’s how to subscribe to Thom’s show via iTunes:

1. Make sure you have iTunes 6.0 or higher installed on your computer (get it here.)

2. Connect to the internet.

3. Click here to launch iTunes to go directly to Thom’s podcast.

4. Click “SUBSCRIBE” to download the current show and get future shows.

To search for other Podcasts, launch iTunes, click on the link that brings you to the iTunes Store, and then click “Podcasts.” Or, if you have iTunes installed, click here to launch the Podcast Directory in iTunes.

It’s also easy to listen to the Thom Hartman show online, in a web browser. You can even listen to the show live. Read about this on thomhartmann.com by clicking here.

In most web browsers, you can also listen to the last aired show here:


There are two sets of archives of The Thom Hartmann Program available on the internet. The first are archives of the last three years of the program, each one the entire three hours of the show, maintained by The White Rose Society.

The second is a set of short clips from old and recent shows, going back two years, and organized by topic by Michael Toth. Access that archive by logging into the Thom Hartmann show message board by clicking here.

You can listen to a stream of Thom’s show on Air America, by clicking here

Again, if you listen to the show through a web browser, you need to have a computer connected to the internet while you listen. There are several programs that allow you to record and download streaming web audio directly to your iPod. iFill is the best that I’ve used, and it only costs $17.50; click here to see it.

All things considered, listening to Thom Hartmann’s podcast is probably the easiest way to go.

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