Cheap, convenient and useful – these are three qualities rarely found in one place. However, they can all be found in the popular Take Control ebook series published by TidBits Electronic Publishing. TidBits is the excellent free weekly newsletter that covers the “Macintosh Internet community,” and Macs in general. I highly recommend subscribing to this newsletter; you can subscribe here:

The Take Control series of ebooks are concise, practical, and detailed. TidBits does ebooks right: they are easy to navigate, specially formated for ease of onscreen reading, and can be read on almost any device that can open PDFs (including many PDAs and smartphones). You can print the Take Control ebooks if preferred. Best of all, the Take Control ebooks are updated free when new information is released. Every ebook in the series has free sample, and a money-back guarantee. They only cost $10, and come with a $5 coupon off your next purchase from See them all here:

In Kibbles & Bytes, which is Small Dog’s weekly newsletter, we are featuing a high-quality excerpt from the new ebook, “Take Control of Passwords in OS X,” written by Joe Kissell. The blurb reads “If you’ve ever found yourself confused by all the passwords your Mac asks you for, or anxious about your level of password security, you should read this book.” To read the excerpt, subscribe to Kibbles & Bytes here:


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