Mac Treat #7:

There are a couple of ways to make your Mac shut down or go to sleep immediately, without a pop-up dialog or spinning beach ball. To put your Mac to sleep in jiffy:

Hold down the Option-Eject-Command (the key with the Apple on it) keys all at the same time for about two seconds. On some systems, you can also hold down Option-Command-Power keys.
If you have an Apple remote, you can point it at your Mac, and press the play/pause button for two seconds. The Mac will immediately go to sleep.

To immediately shut down your Mac:

Hold down the Option-Control-Command-Eject keys. Only do this if you really want to power down your computer.

To immediately restart your Mac:

Hold down Command-Control-Eject

You can also hold down the Control-Eject keys at the same time, for the dialog box you’d normally get if you selected “Shut down…” under the File menu in Finder.


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