I recently read about a woman who dumped her fiance after discovering he had purchased over $8000 of iTunes music in one month, on a $45,000 a year income. Steve Jobs said that someone spent over $24,000 in the iTunes Store (maybe it was Woz.) I regularly buy albums from the iTunes Store, but nothing like that, of course. I probably buy an album every one or two weeks. Once I buy an album, I immediately burn it to CD as a high-quality MP3, stripped of the DRM Apple adds to the music.

Here are my top ten albums released so far in 2006. I didn’t purchase them all from iTunes – the Sonic Youth, Bob Dylan and two Neil Young albums were purchased on CD. However, they are available from iTunes for a couple dollars less than the CDs I ordered from Amazon.com. I wish I had purchased the Sonic Youth from iTunes – the album would have included a 10 minute bonus track, only available with the entire iTunes album.

In order:

1. Modern Times, Bob Dylan
2. Living With War, Neil Young
3. American V: A Hundred Highways, Johnny Cash
4. Last Man Standing, Jerry Lee Lewis
5. Live at the Fillmore East, Neil Young and Crazy Horse
6. Rather Ripped, Sonic Youth
7. Black Holes and Revelations, Muse
8. Bring Em In, Buddy Guy
9. The Information, Beck
10. The Road to Escondido, JJ Cale and Eric Clapton


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