A buddy of mine sent me an iChat this morning asking if I knew anything about xSan compatibility with Intel Macs. I hadn’t heard anything, but came across a short article in Apple’s Knowledge Base:

“The shrink-wrap retail version of Xsan 1.4 supports Intel-based Macintosh computers running Mac OS X or Mac OS X Server 10.4.7 or later with at least 512 MB RAM and Fibre Channel connectivity.”

For detailed system requirements, click here

Note: You cannot install earlier versions of Xsan on Intel-based Macintosh computers.

It seems, then, that you must have Xsan 1.4 disks in order to use Xsan on any Intel Mac, as well as the Fibre Channel card and 512 RAM. Xsan users out there will undoubtedly be interested to know that my friend got a free Xsan 1.4 disk from Apple, so don’t let this stop you from buying yourself new Intel xServes for the holidays!



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