On November 28, Apple released Security Update 2006-007. You can download and instal the update from the “Software Update” link found under the blue Apple in the left hand corner of your Macs screen (in Tiger), from System Preferences (older versions of OS X), or from this link:


While all Security Updates are important, this one is especially crucial for users of eMacs, iBooks, iMacs, PowerBook G3’s, PowerBook G4’s, and Power Mac G4 systems equipped with an original AirPort card. Apple says “A heap buffer overflow exists in the AirPort wireless driver’s handling of probe response frames. An attacker in local proximity may be able to trigger the overflow by sending maliciously-crafted information elements in probe responses.” So, if you have an original Airport card, you should install the patch to protect your machine from an “attacker in local proximity.” It’s unlikely this would ever happen, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Mac OS 10.4 continues to be one of the safest mainstream computer operating systems. These security updates help keep it that way!


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