I was skimming over some older entries on 43 Folders and found this one. It talks about how you can create a Smart Playlist that only contains your music. That way when you just want to listen to music you can. The playlist will exclude Podcasts, Audio Books, movies…etc.

The process of setting up a Smart Playlist like this is very simple. Open up iTunes and go to File—New Smart Playlist. A new little window comes up and here you can set the criteria of the playlist. I usually change the first drop down box that initially says Artist to Genre. Then I change the second drop down box to say ‘does not contain’ and then I fill in the empty text box with Podcast. I then hit the + icon so I can give it more criteria. I do the same as I did above (change Artist to Genre, and ‘does not contain’) and use Audio Books.

With that criteria set my Smart Playlist now contains everything except Podcasts and Audio Books.

AppleScript wiz Doug has created a nice script so you can share your smart playlists with friends!


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