Apple released a several games for the 5th generation iPod a while back but I’ve finally got the chance and time to try a couple of them out. While I wish I could have tried out all of the game I didn’t have the $44 or so to spare so I chose Mini-Golf and Mahjong, two of my favorite games!

To be honest I think this might be the first thing I’ve purchased through the iTunes Music Store and it’s really easy. I already had an Apple ID so I just logged in. Then I navigated to the page with games and choose my game and hit the ‘Purchase’ button. Since I have One-Click shopping setup it just charged my credit card on file and my game started to download.

The file size of the games is relatively small so the download is quick if you’re using a broadband internet connection. Even thought the file is a small size I am surprised it’s as big as it it. I would have thought these games would be no more then 10MBs but Mini-Golf weighs in at 37.3MBs. The textures are very colorful and well done, and the music is nice. I bet a lot of the file is made up of the music and textures.

Anyways after my download completed I attempted to sync it with my iPod. The sync wouldn’t complete because my computer had not been authorized. I guess I assumed because I logged in with my Apple ID that my computer had been authorized, apparently not! So I authorized my computer and that fixed the issue! Syncing the games now works.

Mini-Golf is developed by EA Games which some of you might be familiar with. If not, they make The Sims series, the Battlefield series, and many other popular computer games. There have been a couple flash-based mini-golf games that I’ve really enjoyed so I was hoping this version would be similar. The controls are very easy to learn and I had them down in no time. The golf courses are very well thought up and having different themes and course means I’ll be playing this game a lot! I’ve only played through the first course, ‘Tommy Totems Tiki Putt Putt’, but it was a lot of fun. I got 50 and the course par is 55. Feel free to comment with your scores on the courses, I’d love to see how well people are doing on these games. I actually had a streak of hole-in-ones! Mini-golf also has an area where you can view your golfing statistics. it records your best records, how many holes you’ve played through and the amount of hole-in-ones you’ve had.

Mahjong is one of my most favorite games. It’s very simple but it can keep me occupied for hours. At first I thought nothing about how you would control the game and select your tiles but as it was downloading I started to give it some thought. The controls for mini-golf are pretty simple. All you need to do is aim and hit the ball. Mahjong controls sound simple because all you do is click the tiles, but wouldn’t it be hard to move around when all you have is a scroll wheel. How easy would it be to get from the upper left corner down to bottom right corner or to the middle of the stack?! Fortunately Apple and EA must have given it a good amount of thought because getting from piece to piece is pretty simple and quick. Even when there are 80 tiles it’s easy. There are tons of different layouts so this game has plenty of reply value. I think the developers made matching tiles easier then normal because of the design and functionality of the iPod. These changes do not detract from the “awesome-ness” of this game though.

If there was one thing I could change about the games for iPod, it would be the price. I think $2.99 would be fair. I do hope Apple continues to create games for the iPod. A lot of people are wondering when we’re going to see games for iPod Nano, but as far as I can tell we probably won’t, although I could be completely wrong!

I’ve found a couple helpful support pages on Apple’s website:
Page #1
Page #2

Apple has created an entire forum dedicated to helping people with games on their iPod. You can visit that by following this link.


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