Last week I talked about how to make a widget, and now I’m going to talk about how to submit your widget to several websites so that other people can download and enjoy your creation.

The 2 websites that I use for submitting my website are Apple’s own Dashboard widgets site and DashboardWidgets.

Both web sites require that you have an account with them. Registration only takes a couple minutes though. This makes it easier when you want to update and re-upload a new version of your widget. is the first place I updated my widget too. I did have a couple issues, but after hitting the “Submit” button multiple times it finally went through. I did use Safari which seemed to work over Mozilla FireFox.

The nice thing about using DashboardWidgets is that other users can rate and leave comments about your widget. It’s really a great way to get feedback about how good or bad your widget is. You can also see how many times your widget has been downloaded.

DashboardWidgets also has a community message board so that people can discuss widgets. You can also find lots of useful tips and helpful hints on how to make a widget. There’s even an area to request the creation of a widget.

The next site is Apple’s own widget gallery. They seem to allow a little bit more information about your widget and more screenshots of it.

The Apple site doesn’t allow user to give you feedback so that’s one reason I like to use DashboardWidgets over the Apple site. Both are good sites though and plenty of people visit both, so you can be sure you widget will get out in the wild!
Apple’s Widget Gallery


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