I am not sure if Task List was the best name for this application. I think something like Homework Manager would have been more appropriate, but either way this is a nice application for all Mac-using students.

The application is free and open source which is really nice. I did notice a couple bugs and things that could be fixed but I’m pleased with the product overall.

As a student I could really find myself using this program a lot. You can add in all your homework assignments, projects and tests. You can even create other categories if you wanted too.

Each task you create can be assigned a categories, the date when it’s due, the priority level, the grade you got on it and you can add some extra comments to it.

Task List works in unison with iCal and it can automatically put the tasks, goals and events you create right into iCal for you. It also works with your iPod if you have one. You can put notes into the Task List application and then export them to your iPod.

Task Manager also comes with built-in backup functions. You can choose where to back it up to. You can also synchronize the database with your .Mac account which allows you to access your tasks and everything in Task List from any computer you sync with your .Mac.

I really wish I had something like this 3 years ago (or when I started school)! It’s a really nice application and the fact that it’s open source and free really appeals to me.

Some new features in version 5 include:
– Task List can now handle substeps for assignments
– A visual priority meter has been added to tasks
– Basic backup and restore functionality is included
– Tasks can now be archived
– A quick reference window has been added
– The Dock icon displays the number of current assignments
– Task List Lite, a menubar item, is now included
– A .Mac Backup QuickPick is included as well
– Notes can be edited in tabs
– Task List can now handle multiple file attachments
– Most toolbar icons have been updated
– The interface has been overhauled
– The Finals calculator, GPA calculator, and graphs have been merged into the main window
– Goals and notes are now handled in separate windows
– Assignment types are user-definable
– The application icon has been enhanced and cleaned up
– Graphs can now be viewed as bar graphs, line graphs, or pie charts
– Task List can now create a separate calendar in iCal for each of your classes
– Reliability of classcasts has been greatly improved
– Reliability of saving data has been improved
– Tons of other minor tweaks and fixes

Download a copy here!


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