So far, we’ve had one of the warmest and driest winters on record. Today, however, there is a Winter Storm alert in effect, and we’re expecting 6” – 10” of snow, with up to an inch and a half of ice.

To most of us, this is great news. We could still salvage several more weeks of winter recreation. Also, it just does not feel right to walk around in a tee-shirt on New Years Day.

This weather is especially good news to our friends at Mad River Glen. They rely on Mother Earth to provide the much of the white stuff on their slopes, so now they can finally open in earnest.

Here are my top five tips for enjoying winter:

1. Get a really enormous, super-warm coat so you never fear going outside. Likewise get proper gloves and a hat that you’ll actually wear.

2. Get the best windshield ice-scrapper possible for your car. Don’t be cheap – get one that will get the job done fast.

3. Even better, use a garage for your car.

4. Take up skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, indoor swimming – any sport that will help you stay active through these winter storms and long nights.

5. Use winter confinement to learn a new skill, including a computer skill. Master Photoshop at last, etc.



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