A number of people have been coming in the store with their new iPods and interest in podcasting and streaming radio. Coupled with this interest, however, is a desire to archive these digital media. Saving podcasts is easy. But what about that episode of “Fresh Air,” streamed in iTunes? Here’s a tip to capture that stream. The only tools required are: the internet, iLife, and a male-to-male dubbing cable.

1) Open iTunes to radio and navigate to desired radio stream. play that stream.

2) Plug dubbing cable in both mini-jacks on CPU (from line-in to line-out).

3) Open System Preferences and in the “sound” category, set the output and input devices to headphone jack and line-in, respectively.

4) Open Garageband and set the audio drivers to correspond to the sound devices set in system prefs.

5) Record!

A couple of caveats:
You will have to adjust sound levels to optimize the recording.
You may have to set the tempo in garageband to lowest bpm to maximize allowable recording time.

By David@Smalldog.com


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