There are a couple things you can do to maximize the life of your iPod battery. The first thing that I would recommend to do is either turn off the backlight to set it to stay on for only 5 seconds. The backlight is really a battery eater and can cut down on the time between charges and the overall life of the battery. You can accomplish this by clicking on Settings from the main menu of your iPod and then choose Backlight Timer from the Settings menu.

The next thing you can do is turn off the EQ (Equalizer). As good as the music sounds with it on, the more battery you will go through using it. You can turn off the EQ by choose the Settings from the main menu on the iPod and going to EQ in the Settings menu. Turn it off by selecting ‘Off’.

Updating you iPod to the latest firmware ( Some new firmware updates can add power saving features. You can also extend the life of your battery by fully emptying your iPods battery. Load up some albums and just keep listening until the iPod dies from lack of juice! Pretty easy!

For more information about the iPod battery and maximizing it’s life check out this website:


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