I first noticed this tip on the Unofficial Apple Weblog but later also noticed it at Apple’s Hot News RSS feed. I didn’t realize that you could do this but it has saved me some steps. I showed it to a few people here at Small Dog and most didn’t know about it (except for Morgan and Jimmy that seem to know everything). Normally, when I would include a picture in an email, I would open iPhoto and find the picture I wanted to send and choose the “mail” icon to open a new mail message with that picture in it. When I did so, I was greeted with a dialog box that would let me choose the size of the photo. Then I would compose my email or drag the picture from that email message opened by iPhoto to the message I was working upon. A lot of steps to send a picture.

You do not have to go through all that! After you attach a photo to your email message (you can just drag-and-drop the image into the new message window from iPhoto), take a look in the bottom-right corner of your email message window, and you’ll see a pop-up menu where you can choose the image size you’d like to send. As soon as you choose a size (other than actual size), the image is immediately scaled down right within the email message window so you can see the exact size of the photo you’re sending.

You learn something everyday about OS X! More to come soon with Leopard!



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