I’m always on the lookout for good, free software. This week I’ve found xPad. It used to be shareware but is now freeware! A lot of my time is spent typing and taking notes for various reasons and so I am always looking for good text editor. I usually pass on Microsoft Office and those larger word processing applications because they’re usually to much.

Currently I am using Smultron for web development at work. It too is free and works great. At home I will use TextMate. TextMate is my favorite because it has so many plug-in code snippets. It’s pretty lightweight and quite customizable. The only downside for some people is that TextMate costs $50. Of course I felt it was $50 well spent, I use this application and it’s nifty application programming features quite often. The only reason I don’t use this at work is because of the licenses, else I would!

I don’t think I will be replacing Smultron at work or TextMate at home because both of those are geared towards web development and programming (they highlight specific text which is very useful) but I think for general note taking, making to-do lists and quick thoughts. One feature that I like is that you can send notes you make to your iPod.

You can grab yourself a copy on the xPad website. The license information is also located right on the main page so you can register your copy.


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