A couple of months ago, Microsoft released Office 2007 for Windows PCs. This new version of Office uses a new file format called the “Microsoft Open Office XML Format.” It’s extension is .docx. Unfortunately (typically?) this format is incompatible with pervious versions of MS Word. Office 2008 for Mac won’t ship until the second half of this year,

For now, you can ask people using Office 2007 to save their files with the older .doc extension. If you don’t want to do that, or can’t do that, Creative Techs has compiled a page of links on their excellent blog, to help you open .docx files. Check it out by clicking here

In all fairness, it does seem like the .docx format has some advantages, and will be useful in the future. Remember, at one point long ago, even .doc and .pdf were new fangled incompatible formats!


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