Looking for a really fun, and addicting game? Flow might just be the game for you. Currently it’s available for the PC and Mac as a Flash game (so that means you’ll need to have the latest version of Flash installed). You can use this game on Windows, OS X and Linux since all these systems support Flash.

Once you’ve got that install you can download the game OR you can play game right from your web browser. Go to this page to start playing right away. Also on that page are links to download the game so you can play even when not connected to the internet. If you decide to download the game you’ll get a zip file so open that and you’ll get a folder with a bunch of files in it. You only need to double-click/open the file named ‘core’. It has a blue icon with an ‘f’ in the middle. It looks like the other blue icons with the ‘f’ in the middle are just different version of the game, core.1 and core.2 appear to be widescreen versions of the game, although I am not sure if/what the differences are between those.

The objective in this unique game is to eat other organisms so you can evolve and grow your organism. There are 6 stages of growth that your organism can go through and eventually you’ll have to go against a boss organism. All in all the game takes about 2 hours to complete but I found it hard to put it down once during the game play. I just kept wanting to grow my organism and eat the others!

Flow has become so popular that there’s been over half a million downloads of the game and it’s made its way into the Playstation 3 store so owners of PS3 can purchase and download a copy right to their Playstation 3s (this is actually where I first learned about Flow)!

Have a look at the Flow website and this page, players of the game have posted images of the critters they’ve made while playing the game!


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