If I was to ever write an article about being a switcher, it would very much resemble the one written here. This guy like me was a user of Windows for 10+ years and has only been an OS X user for about 4 years or so.

His first point couldn’t be anymore valid then it already is. It was especially true for me when I first got my Mac and everyone at my college was poking fun and saying how lame Macs were (except the design students). When I went to get get my Mac from the mail office at the school, the girl behind the counter said something pretty dumb, something about how Macs don’t work well…ha, what little she knew…the college ended up offering PowerBooks to all students the next semester…

Point #14 about planning reboots is so true. Usually I have to plan out my reboots when I have the least amount of windows open. I tend to dismiss software updates when I am working on a lot of things and wait until I am not doing much of anything so that I can reboot my Mac if need be. This is also brings me to another point he makes.

In point #19 he says that you’ll get more done and I reiterate how true this is. I would spend so much time tweaking and messing around in Windows so I could get my work done. On a Mac it’s already setup just how I want it and applications can easily and quickly be tweaked to make me more productive. On Windows, I was spending a quarter of my time making sure my machine was virus, spy-ware whatever-ware free, too much time spent on that if you ask me!

It’s been 3 1/2 to 4 years since I’ve switched to Mac and I am loving it. I use it as my main operating system, although I tend to fool around with Windows from time to time. Once you go Mac, you won’t go back, life is just so much easier and unusually stress-free!


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