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When it comes to a computer, the most important thing to me is making sure I have a cute case to carry it in! It’s been a tough mission to find a bag that is both attractive and protects your computer until now.

We just began carrying the Casauri line of laptop cases, bags, and zip pouches. Casauri has created bags in terrific colors and designs that really let a woman show her personality. Not only do the bags keep your computer safe, but they also have space for your power-cord, mouse, paperwork, anything.

I personally have the Casauri Envelope in pink for my Macbook. I haven’t been happier with any other bag – and I have been through a lot. Casauri gives you the options of using it like a briefcase or an over the shoulder bag and everything I need fits right into it. It’s even the perfect size so I can throw it into another bag if need be. Heck, it’s even water resistant!

For a woman’s everyday needs, while still being cute, this bag is definitely the way to go.

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