Have you lost your Apple Remote or want a remote for a computer that didn’t come with the Apple Remote? The Keyspan Express Remote is a great solution especially for machines that didn’t originally come with the Apple Remote.

I bought this remote for my PowerMac G5 so that I could control Front Row while I was nice and comfortable in my bed. The remote comes with a CD that has some drivers on it, but I recommend going to the Keyspan download page to get the latest drivers (it includes the key mappings for Front Row, version is 2.4b4 as of 3/7/2007). Install that and you should be good to go! One thing I did find to be quite useful is to turn off iTunes mode. That can be done by un-checking the ‘iTunes Mode’ button on the bottom of the application window. I noticed that iTunes would some how open up when I was in Front Row and it would get all screwy, turning that option off seems to have fixed the issue.

I would much rather the simplicity of the Apple Remote but after doing some research it doesn’t look like that will be possible. Of course this little product/project is to hold me off until the AppleTV comes out or maybe I’ll get a MacMini!


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