Become the Ultimate Menu Master

In searching for fun stuff for Kibbles & Bytes last week, I came across the “Pro” section of Listed in a concise, easy to follow instruction set was a way to use your keyboard to access the menu bar items at the top of the screen. This is really handy for someone who’s used to navigating without a mouse or pointer within certain “non-mouse” applications.

Here are the instructions:

Become the Ultimate Menu Master!

Want to really speed things up? How about jumping right to the Apple menu without even clicking the mouse? Just press Control-F2, press Return, and the Apple menu pops down (if you’re using a MacBook, press Function-Control-F2). Oh, but there’s more! Now that you’re in the Apple menu, press the Right Arrow key on your keyboard to move to the other menus (Finder, File, Edit, View, etc.) and the Left Arrow to move back.

Once you get to the menu you want, press Return, then type the first letter of the command you want in the menu and it jumps right there. Now press Return again to choose that command (and you did it all without ever touching the mouse).”

Easy to use, but will you give up your mouse?


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