Print it out, fold in two, and trim around the edges – keep it on your desk next to your Mac to master the key board shortcuts today!

Update: Some people are reporting that the PDF download won’t open, or is locking Safari up. It works for everyone at Small Dog, and for the vast majority of people who are trying to download it. You can right click (or control-click) on the link to the PDF and select “Download Linked File,” or simply email me at with the subject “get shortcuts,” and I will send you the file. We’ll continue to investigate the cause of this problem.

Update #2: Please email with “get shortcuts” in the subject line. He’ll email you back with the PDF. Thanks 🙂

Update #3: Ed is no longer at Small Dog. He has found a different, equally green pasture to graze in. If you would like to get your hands on our keyboard shortcuts hop on over to or simply download the pdf here.

Thank you!


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