To followup on Art’s helpful post on effective use of the Apple Knowledge Base, here is a helpful article summarizing how one can transfer music from the iTunes library of an old computer to the iTunes library of a new computer via an iPod!
This article, accurately titled “how to use your iPod to move your music to a new computer,” essentially turns the iPod into an external hard drive, then walks one through the process of transferring all of the music from the iTunes library of one machine to the iTunes library of another. This is a very common question asked by customers in our retail stores looking for a new Mac.
The process can be a bit confusing to explain, so this document, which explains the process from the Windows and Mac users perspectives, should clarify how the process is executed.
Of course, users moving from a Mac with FireWire that is running OS 10.1 or later and supports FireWire Target Disk Mode can usually automatically transfer any/all of their users, applications, network and machine settings, files and/or volumes using the included Migration Assistant.


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