In the most recent batch of software updates, Apple has added an “Export to Apple TV” feature to Quicktime Pro 7.1.5. This feature is also available in iMovie 6, even without a Quicktime Pro license. This allows you to easily export true DVD-quality 720 by 404 videos and also high-def 1280 by 720 Quicktime videos. This is a notable-improvement over the “Export to iPod,” feature, which creates 640 by 480 videos, which are less than DVD-quality.

The Apple TV-formated videos can be played with Quicktime 7.1.5 or later, or via iTunes 7.1. However, they cannot yet be transferred via iTunes to a video iPod, for watching on the iPods screen.

The 1280 by 720 pixel resolution is also known as 720P. It’s a true high-def format, supported by Apple TV. A 90-minute movie encoded at 720P would be about 3 GB in size.

There’s lots of speculation that Apple will soon be offering HD movie downloads via the iTunes Store. We’ll see! Get it, we’ll see? Ok, bad pun…

Also, speaking of Quicktime, check out this incredible Quicktime VR from Mars:


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