In my continuing efforts to be a healthier human I’ve come across a nifty piece of software that lets me know how many calories I should have a day, what my body mass index is and should be and it has an nice tracking system, so I can record what I eat, meals and snacks and it even gives me graphs and charts so I can see how everything is going.

When you initially start up CalorieKing you need to input some information about your weight, height and a few other health related details. This all helps the software when it recommends the ‘plan’ you should use. You can setup to 5 users which is really nice for couples or families!

Once you’ve set the software up you pretty much just drag and drop the foods you’ve had into the appropriate categories (breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner…). The food options all come from a really big database. You can find everything from bagels, McDonalds burgers and fries to fruit, beans, and deli meats!

CalorieKing also has a database of exercises, though it lacked horseback riding (grrrr…) and you can drag and drop the various exercises into the exercise box and that will be figured into all those pretty graphs and charts!

CalorieKing allows you to download a trial version that works for 7 days, after that you can buy a full copy for $45. I’ve only been using the software for a day now and I absolutely love it and will probably get a full copy soon!


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