In my wondering over the web his morning, I found a post on LifeHacker that was about this really nifty piece of software called Schoolhouse. The application is geared towards students and I really wish I had a program like this when I was in school. Right now I just use a simple moleskine book and scribble down my notes and assignments in there, but having Schoolhouse would have been so much cooler!

Schoolhouse lets you set up semesters where you can add in assignments, tasks, notes and when you’ve completed an assignment you can mark it as completed and enter in the grade you got. This grade can then be combined with all the other grades you’ve gotten in the course and displayed in a nice graph.

Schoolhouse lets you input teachers email addresses which then lets you use in the ‘ask instructor’ button (it open an email window address to the instructor). You can also add in emails of your classmates and add them as partners on projects and assignments, makes for contacting via email quite easy!

One really cool feature about this application is you can attach files to the assignments. When you complete your research paper in Microsoft Word or Pages you can then attach the final copy to the assignment in Schoolhouse, VERY COOL!

Schoolhouse has a built-in backup function so that you can backup your database and the restore function will restore the database incase anything should happen!

Schoolhouse has a very “Apple-like” look and feel and functionality to it. I might just have to give up my paper notebook and turn to this cool application! It is free and can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this post!

Download Schoolhouse –


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