Apple has added the XViD component to it’s list of QuickTime components. While that sounds cool, it’s not really ground-breaking. Well before Apple added the link on their page to the codec it was available for download. I used it myself before I converted every XViD movie I own into format that iTunes natively accepted.

I am sure lots of people would rather install one small file over converting hundreds or even a few video files though! A bunch of video podcasts come in the XViD format so I think a lot of people will enjoy the ability to play those right from QuickTime.

The XViD codec follows the mpeg-4 standards and it’s an open source codec which some people really appreciate.

On TUAW there was a comment which stuck out:

This is awsome for the 12 people who care! Can you imagine if the AppleTV supported Xvid? Apple would see a .00001% sales increase! Hell yeah!

I thought that was pretty important and quite true. Previous to this “announcement” the people who wanted to play XViD video files got VLC or already had this QuickTime component installed. I don’t think it really makes a difference to see it being listed on Apple’s website or not.


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