As much as I hate to seem like one of Pavlov’s dogs, the moment I heard this song (iTunes Store link which will launch iTunes), I experienced that fun “new computer” feeling!
It took me a few seconds to realize why, but I eventually recalled that this is the song played by every new Mac when it boots up for the first time (or has a full Mac OS software reinstall).
One ends up hearing the 30-second snippet of the track used by Apple quite often in the Small Dog Retail Stores as customers are always booting up their new machines to have memory and such installed. The odd thing is that I found the song, “Eple” (which means “Apple” in Norwegian) by R√∂yksopp, by browsing the iTunes Store using the “listeners also bought” links from other tracks I’d recently enjoyed. A quick Google for the terms “Apple Eple” led me to this article, confirming my discovery.


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